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Rooted in Love

Are you seeking alternative, plant-based solutions, a more natural way of life, knowledge of cannabidiol (CBD)?
If so, this is the space for you to learn, experience, grow and connect. One Plant. One Love. was established to spread awareness, to educate and to celebrate the plant, while offering HEALTH, HOPE and HEMPPINESS.
The solution has always been in the ground, and it starts at the root!


Do you ever just feel “off”, like you’re moving through life at half your potential? Or, maybe it’s your mood and lack of sleep that is affecting everything for you? And, let’s not forget about the root to most all issues, inflammation, aka pain. Too many of us don’t even know what “optimal wellness” feels likes. Too many of us live with an imbalance in the body. Too many of us are suffering in silence. CBD is not a fad or luxury, but rather a necessary building block for our bodies to thrive, mentally and physically. In order to further understand, we must start by defining the ever so fascinating endocannabinoid system. Learn the basics…

How is CBD Helping

Preventative Health

Improved Sleep

Mood Stabilization

Hormone Balance

Relief and Recovery



Reduced Anxiousness

Immune Boosting

Stress Relief

Be a Voice

Getting Real,
All Things Cannabis.

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