What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many chemical compounds (a naturally occurring substance) found in the hemp plant, a species of cannabis. CBD is the compound that is most widely extracted, to be used in products like tinctures and topicals.


The compound that is considered to give you that “high” is THC, which occurs in higher percentages, in the marijuana plant, another species of cannabis. Marijuana, unlike hemp, contains low levels of CBD. While there is naturally occurring THC in the hemp plant, the percentage is very low. As a matter of fact, in order for CBD to be federally legal, it must contain less than .3% THC.

Fun fact : Did you know that CBD tames the “high” feeling of THC?

Types of CBD


Full Spectrum – In addition to the CBD, minor cannabinoids are also extracted (CBN, CBG, CBC, THC, etc.) as well as terpenes and phytonutrients, for more therapeutic benefits and a greater synergy, thus allowing for what’s called the “entourage effect”. Even that trace amount of THC can help. 

Isolate – Pure CBD only, no other cannabinoids or terpenes.

Broad Spectrum – Basically, this is mix of the two above. Broad Spectrum contains the terpenes all the cannabinoids with the exception of THC, which is completely removed after initial extraction.

Why is CBD Necessary?

CBD is necessary to feed our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). As mammals, we naturally produce endocannbinoids–chemical compounds similar to the (phyto)cannabinoids present in hemp. We are learning that over time, because hemp has essentially been “extinct” from our food chain, that many people are deficient in cannabinoids. ECS Deficiency can cause imbalances, therefore it’s important to supplement with phytocannabinoids.

Be honest, did you know that we all have an endocannabinoid system?! YEP! All mammals. CBD is not only beneficial, but necessary, for humans of all ages (kids and infants too) as well as our furry friends. Animals actually respond quite well to CBD.

Fun Fact : Mother’s milk contains cannabinoids, produced internally. Ding Ding – Liquid Gold!

So, what does the ECS do? In short, the ECS is an extremely important system to our survival, maintaining and restoring homeostasis, aka balance, in multiple ways throughout the body and brain. In order for our ECS to function properly, cannabinoids are needed to activate and fire signals to our CB1 receptors (found in main nerve system and brain) and CB2 receptors (found in peripheral system).

Take a closer look at what each of these receptors regulates, and you’ll realize why it’s so vital to feed our ECS.

Fun Fact : The entire ECS system plays a critical role in male and female fertility, as well as implantation and embyo development.

How to Choose Your CBD

When it comes to choosing a quality + effective CBD there are 4 things you want to be aware of:

It starts with the seed and grows in the ground. The genetic strain of hemp can play a role in the quality. Some strains contain a higher percentages of CBD or more defined terpine profiles than others. It’s important to verify the purity, of the CBD extract, with third party testing. Because hemp is a bioaccumulator, it sucks up what is in the ground, whether good or bad (pesticides, heavy metals, etc). Know where your hemp is coming from! Organic,  non-GMO, pesticide-free growing methods are key.

The CBD must be extracted from the hemp. Subcritical CO2 extraction will result in the cleanest end product. If your oil is cloudy or dark in color or has an unpleasant taste to it, this could be due to the extraction method. Some methods can involve a harsh chemical process.

We believe less is more when it comes to CBD oil. Sure, there can be added benefits to including some other natural ingredients, like turmeric for joint pain or melatonin for sleep, but be cautious of too many “fillers” that just end up diluting the CBD. To make a pure CBD tincture, all that is really needed is the CBD-rich extract and a carrier oil. We prefer hemp seed oil, as the carrier, for a 100% hemp-derived product. There are also many health benefits to hemp seed oil! Hemp seed oil, pressed from hemp seeds, does not contain CBD. Be cautious of “synthetic” CBDs.

A certificate of analysis (COA) is a lab report on the chemical make-up (e.g., contents) of a product. If you can not verify a COA from your CBD product that’s a red flag! It’s important that each product be tested, by a third party, to check for things like cannabinoid percentages, terpenes, and any contaminants like mold, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. COA’s are also used to verify that the contents of the product are in fact labeled/advertised correctly. These reports are necessary to assure that hemp-derived extracts have less than 0.3% THC by weight, to comply with federally legal regulations, or 0.00% THC if you must comply with drug testing.

CAUTION : Various studies have found that almost 70% of online CBD products are mislabeled, either having substantially more or less CBD than advertised. And, be leery of some “technologies” like liposomal, nano and water soluble, which most often requires a chemical process that can tamper with the original cannabis molecules.

Want to be sure your product meets the highest standards for quality and safety?

HEMPWORX CBD is PURE, 100% Hemp-Derived and meets all the criteria above, which is why we are proud to suggest it as a superior product you can trust. *60-Day empty bottle guarantee.

How to Use Your CBD

CBD can be consumed / used in various ways for various benefits. For someone who is wanting to experience the full benefits of the plant, we suggest a daily regimen of a Full Spectrum, pure CBD tincture, consumed sublingaully (under the tongue.)
When consumed sublingually, your body will avoid digestion, and go straight to the bloodstream, for maximum absorption. It’s nice to have additional ways to incorporate CBD into our bodies, or enhance the results, with multiple forms of use. Heal from the inside out and the outside in!

Tincture : Onset is anywhere from 10-30 minutes, longer lasting
Topical : Allows for instant relief of targeted areas
Vape/Smoke : Immediate onset, but quicker offset
Edible : Slower onset of 30+ minutes
Capsule : Slow release, longer lasting

Common mistake : Not to be taken on an “as needed” basis, but rather daily, usually 2x day.

The goal is for your body to get in a consistent rhythm, in order to achieve homeostasis within the body, and achieve the greatest benefits. Think of this as your daily supplement and/or “preventative health”.

Tinctures come in various concentrations, often ranging anywhere from 250mg to 1500+mg.The number you see on the bottle is the amount of mg in the entire bottle. But remember, not all CBD is created equal. So, while two bottles might both say 500mg, one could be diluted with many ingredients, extracted poorly and have less actually CBD per serving size. If using a brand like Hempworx, we suggest for kids to start with the 500mg and adults 750mg, or 1500mg for more serious conditions or higher metabolism. Pets will be fine to start with 250mg or 500mg.


If you’ve never taken CBD, you just want to slowly introduce it to your body. Remember, as long as you’ve chosen a quality, PURE, certified brand, CBD is a safe PLANT BASED solution. Start out with about 3-5 drops, under the tongue, morning and evening, and gradually increase as needed. Most people
tend to do better with a little more at night versus day. And no, you will not get sleepy during the day. If for some reason you do, just dial it back. Over time, with consistent use, you should start to notice some sublte shifts, better sleep often being one of the first benefits. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with your serving size, until you find your “sweet spot”. Become intuitive with your body and your emotions,
and know when you might need more or what times of the day/month are most effective. Remember, everyone is different. This is not a “one size fits all”, but rather what you and your body need. Be willing to work with the CBD if you want the CBD to work for you. 


Shake well
Allow the tincture to set under the tongue for 30 seconds
Hydrate – drink half bodyweight in fluid oz
Start LOW and go SLOW when increasing serving size
Experiment – don’t be afraid to play around with serving size
Be patient – it can taake your body 30-90 days to adjust
Be consistent – take daily, 2-3x
Do not run out – this one is important


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