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Hi! My name is Amy Hicks, former stressed out mom and founder/ creator of One Plant. One Love. I’m on a mission to empower everyone to experience the life changing benefits of cannabis, namely CBD. Education and awareness are at the forefront of my mission, as I aim to break the stigma and normalize this beautiful, healing plant! I want to help you achieve optimal health and wellness, physically and mentally. I’ve always felt that if we’re going to be alive, we may as well be thriving.

Thanks for being here! I promise to help bring out the best in you, allow you to smile more, stress less and inspire you LIVE LIFE to the fullest!!

– X0, Amy

Are you still skeptical or maybe even a little confused, when it comes to CBD? I thought you might be, which is why I’m breaking it all down for you, in my CBD Basics.

A little back story on what inspired the birth of One Plant. One Love…

It was 2009 when my now husband and I packed our whole Midwest lives into a tiny pull behind Uhaul and moved west, to the colorful state of Colorado! This was also around the time when medical marijuana was becoming legal. Over the years I’ve become a big proponent of “holistic health”, cannabis being a big part of that. After moving to Colorado, we quickly had the opportunity to learn how to cultivate cannabis, to provide to local dispensaries. But, not long after, the laws started changing and we became busy starting a family of our own. Though we were still huge advocates and proponents of the PLANT, we decided to step away and pursue other careers. 

Then, in 2017, it all started to come full circle, only this time with HEMP! Hemp is the plant that provides high levels of CBD, the therapeutic component of cannabis, which necessary for our bodies. The more I learned about the benefits of CBD, vs THC, and the vital role it played in our bodies, the more intrigued I became. I knew of so many family members and friends, along with myself, who could greatly benefit!

I immediately started to research CBD and it’s intended use. I was also determined to find out what constituted a quality, safe and effective CBD. While comparing and researching, I landed on Hempworx CBD, for several reasons, and so I began using it regularly. I quickly noticed my daily stressors and irritability fading away. I was getting the best sleep of my life, waking up happier and just feeling more at ease and carefree. As a business woman, wife and mom of two, this was HUGE for me (and my family)!

In the midst of my own transformation, I was quickly gaining a ton of interest and so I began consulting others. This movement has since grown! I’m so proud to say that I now have an extremely passionate team of advocates/sales partners, worldwide. Much of our society is confused, misguided, hesitant or skeptical. This is why we are always seeking out more voices and why our mission has always been to lead with education. 

One Plant. One Love. is my personal brand, for consulting/educating, cbd sales and hemp farming. My family and I aim to bring HEALTH, HOPE & HEMPPINESS to people and pets everywhere, through superior cannabis-based solutions.

I’m pleased to invite you to be a part of our community as we spread awareness, create more conversations and celebrate the plant!


Rooted in Love

Early 2019, my husband, Brad, and I were approached by some friends, who would soon become family. This fellow Colorado family, who we truly admired, had a vision of pristine, organic hemp fields, upon their current Illinois farmland, and we had the passion and knowledge to help bring it all to life! Together, we eagerly embarked on a beautiful partnership, yet another mission to bring this most remarkable, healing plant to people everywhere. A mission that is truly ROOTED IN LOVE.

This collaboration, and cultivation, has been one of the most rewarding parts of our cannabis journey. There’s nothing better than teaching our young children where CBD comes from and allowing their hands to dig into the earth, from seed to harvest. Knowing that our families are making a big impact by contributing to this cannabis movement, and helping to improve lives, naturally, is a true blessing! We look forward to spreading more JOY as we continue to GROW, and we thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you. Remember, we were not made to simply survive, but to THRIVE!


Our Hemp is Happier

We specialize in small batch “boutique” hemp flower. All hemp is grown on the lush fields of Galena River Ranch, in Galena, IL. When it comes to the cultivation of hemp, we use only non-GMO, organic methods. Each seed is hand planted then hand selected prior to transferring into the ground. At Galena River Ranch, we are very particular about the soil, making sure that it contains the proper macro and micro nutrients that hemp thrives on, which can impact the overall yield. This is especially important because hemp is a big bioaccumulator, meaning it sucks up whatever is in the ground (whether good or bad). Again, this is why we only use organic methods, no pesticides and we thoroughly check for any soil contaminants. All hemp is also strategically hand harvest at the perfect time, to ensure high levels of CBD while maintaining legal limits of THC (.3%). It is then immediately transferred into a temperature and humidity controlled drying barn. Because we specialize in small batch, “boutique” hemp flower, the drying and curing process is equally important. A good curing process will bring out the terpenes and really allow for you to taste and smell the profile of the hemp strain, which is what sets it apart.


Cherry Blossom (Limited quantities)
T1 (Limited quantities)

Allow us to help you bring your vision to life, with the finest hemp flower to meet your needs, as you help us on our mission to spread more Health, Hope and Hemppiness! 

We are now accepting new clients on a first come first served basis. 

Contact us to inquire about small batch hemp wholesale pricing and to obtain COAs.


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